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  • RE:Think Tank

    RE:Think Tank

    The RE:Think Tank is our consulting and client management team. We strengthen soloprenuers and small businesses through digital marketing, brand development, technology, project management, operations support and team building.

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  • RE:Creative Department

    RE:Creative Department

    Although we are known mostly for custom wordpress web designs, our in-house RE:Creative Department produces corporate identity solutions to compliment the online powerhouses we build. This includes: media kits, sponsorship packages, logos, business cards, and stationary.

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  • RE:Vision Division

    RE:Vision Division

    Our RE:Vision Division is a professional and gifted team of editorial style writers. Lead by Marketing Manager Reda Wigle, the team crafts brand recognition through literature, biographies, corporate profiles, editorials and website copy.

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Client Testimonials

Being in the healthcare industry I see many companies that market “canned” websites and I didn’t want my website to look the same and have the same bells and whistles as 10 other medical offices in the area. Joi took the time to sit down and really look at not only what I wanted in a website but also how other offices in my area were utilizing their websites and how we could better position ours. I have never had a web designer ask for my favorite websites but also analyze my past website activity to seek out the strengths and weaknesses of my current site and build upon that.

RE:Innovating has gone above and beyond to help me kick start my business.  What they do is much more than just designing a web page or a logo; Joi actually sat with me while we I went through the thesaurus trying to come up with key words to represent my brand.  The result has been nothing short of amazing.  People constantly compliment me on the professional look of my site and the sleek design of my logo.  Further, the support didn’t end when my site was up and my business up and running.  They are always prompt in resolving technical issues, updating info, and training us how to use the web site.  I have, and continue to, recommended RE:Innovating to many friends and clients.

Before RE:Innovating, I was just another guy with a joke and dream. Within a week, I went from just the funny guy at the office, to Day Bracey on the dot com. They not only developed my brand and website, but my videos as well. I was in awe of the quality of work and attention to detail they gave every task. Watching them work was almost magical. I’m not saying RE:Innovating is run by wizards, but RE:Innovating is run by wizards. I know it!

Day Bracey,


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